About Us & Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help all software development businesses reach more people, make more impact, change more lives and build profitable and scalable businesses.

Background Story

At the age of 17, I began my entrepreneurial journey and started pursuing my dream of ‘making money online’.

A year later, I decided to drop out of university and started a web design and development agency with my current co-founder Wesley.

It was tough in the beginning. Very tough.

We dove into coding, building with drag-and-drop builders, and designing. As we needed all this to start creating products.

It took us months to grasp how it all worked. We didn’t even have clients yet…we were just building for the sake of building and getting familiar with the world of development.

We slowly gained traction and started building custom websites for small businesses. This proved us one thing, if we deliver the inputs, we’re able to get the outcomes.

Fast-forward a while. From our network, we started working with big clients like the multi-billion dollar brand SHEIN and one of the most successful NFT projects: Prime Ape Planet.

In the first successful year of doing web dev, we turned over $162k at a 78% margin, as a 20 and 21 year old.
So we did quite well in terms of income.

But as 2021 came to an end, we got into trouble.

We had exhausted our network. Our LinkedIn connections. The people in our office building.

And we basically lost all of our revenue in a couple of months.

On top of that, after a few years of doing development work, we started losing our love for it.

And it left us with 2 options:

1. Quit our business and go back to working a job.

2. Figure our sh*t out and identify new opportunities.

We picked the second one.

If our business ‘died’ because of relying on referrals and our network…then there must be more people who are in similar positions.

We started doing research and asking around, and all of the people we worked with or knew from the dev space…

You guessed it. They all had similar struggles.

They had no way of consistently speaking to new people, without them having to ‘network’ or hope for more referrals.

Some sustained, others slightly grew, but very few of the people we spoke to had a method for growing their business.

On top of that: you love to build great products, you want to code, and you want to solve problems.

You don’t want to do sales.

But it’s the lifeblood of your business. So you need it.

So we did the unthinkable:

Engineers turned into sales.

We started to look at how we could help others fix these issues so that they could focus on making an impact instead of needing to do something they ‘hate’.

We spent over six months acquiring knowledge, setting up our entire back end, finding talent, and implementing this new way of working in practice.

We applied the exact strategies, work, and thinking methods to our new business, and we quickly gained traction and received confirmation that we had something great in our hands.

And who would’ve ever known…that two nerds would start helping others to do sales?

✌️ Positivity

Life’s easier when you flow through it in a positive state. We help each other to stay on this level by frequently checking in, both personally and professionally.

🫡 Taking responsibility & ownership

Made a mistake? All good. Happens to the best of us. But we own them, and come up with a plan to improve. You are end responsible for getting the results you want in life and business, so we better act like it. 

🏋️ Persistency (Input over Output)

Focussing on output goals is nice and can motivate you, but you won’t get an outcome without delivering input. So we break everything down into input goals that we have control over. As long as you do the right work, you’ll get the outcome you’re striving for.

🎖️ Competency leads to Excellency

Being competent is what will get you somewhere. All ups and downs build your character and will get you closer to the person you want to become. Going through the motions and putting in the reps is the only thing that will build your skills. There are no shortcuts in life. 


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We’re on a mission to help all software development businesses reach more people, make more impact, change more lives and build profitable and scalable businesses.

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