Wins Of Our Partners​

Work hard, play hard right? We're big on acknowledging and celebrating wins, we're end responsible for enjoying the journey, aren't we?

€25K MRR pipeline in 2 months for Index 🔔

Scheduling meetings with corporate companies such as BMW 🚀

Scheduling meetings even after 5PM ⏰

Scheduling qualified prospects with actual problems our client can solve 🤫

Over 18 interested prospects replying daily with 3 direct calls 😎

6 winning campaigns with 3.8% meeting booked rates 🤩

Scheduling in concrete prospects & warmed-up for YouSir 💰

1.5% average positive reply rate resulting in 3 qualified prospects a week

18 Opportunities in 15 days for Index Software 🔥

Voormedia: 33 new Opportunities in the first 11 days of running outbound campaigns 🚀

Converting calls to actual sales calls #insights #sales 📈

Phase 1 agreement of a €95.000 deal for Index Software 🤩

2 great leads scheduled for Voormedia 📝

Booking calls with businesses that have 9.200 employees! 🎉

ThinkNimble: 26 New Opportunities Within 10 days In A Saturated Market #saas 🔥

Voormedia: 33 new Opportunities in 11 days of running outbound campaigns #firstlaunch🚀

The team dancing for converted calls! 🔥

HUGE WINS: €500.000/year deal closed & another €180.000 additional deal #sales #results 👀

2 Days, 5 booked calls for Voormedia

Kicking Off The Week Strong With 8 Leads for DevXTeam 🚀

7 Days, 25 meetings for ThinkNimble #sales🔥

Scheduling 33 calls whilst the client is on holiday... #progress 👀

First follow-up call booked after the first 3 days of calls #results🔥

Sharing wins & progress with champagne! #wins 🚀

Extending the contract with Index Software 🔥

First week of running campaigns for DevXTeam #leads😎

More results coming...

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