Wins Of Our Partners

Work hard, play hard right? We're big on acknowledging and celebrating wins, we're end responsible for enjoying the journey, aren't we?​

How we helped Amsterdam Standard close a €1M+ & 4 year contract deal within 12 months...​

Whilst removing the relieance on their network, referrals & ads and generating a return on investment of over 20x within the first 12 months of working together…


Index: $137K in deals closed in less than 60 days and an average pipeline of $350k per 30 days.​

The founders of Index discovered that selling custom software without concrete needs is very difficult. After several failed attempts to gain control over growth, they contacted us. Within 30 days of starting campaigns, we were able to generate a qualified pipeline of….


How ‘two youngsters’ helped us to build a better business and lay the foundations for the long-term

How ‘two youngsters’ helped us to build a better business and lay the foundations for the long-term. Let me kick this one off with a personal statement. We like writing these as it forces us to think about how all of the ‘small’ steps we implement can have a tremendous impact…


The Exact Process We Used To Help A Client Increase Their Pricing by 40%, Whilst Booking 29 Meetings & Generating a €300k Opportunity in 30 Days

We like to be transparent and keep things real, so a brief introduction on how this partnership started. The CEO of the client and I first spoke roughly a year ago, he then took the route of trying ‘this’ on its own and added an extra sales employee to the…


From Struggle to Success: How We Helped Software Dev Company ThinkNimble Book 33 Meetings in 11 Days

You want to know what Marcy said? Get us new business opportunities and reduce the need for founder-led sales. Gotcha! 🫡 Alright, she definitely said it in a nicer way. They are great people to work with and our entire team is loving the partnership…


How we helped YouSir increase revenue by 50%, expand their team by 4 and validating their product within 12 months.​

Whilst being an extention of their sales-team, scheduling over 6 meetings a week ensuring they are pre-warmed and show up with a 40% conversion rate.​..

12 Software Dev Secrets​

Guide with 12 secrets you can implement to reach more people, build a more profitable business and increase the overall valuation of your organization.