How we helped Amsterdam Standard close a €1M+ & 4 year contract deal within 12 months...

Whilst removing the relieance on their network, referrals & ads and generating a return on investment of over 20x within the first 12 months of working together.

Project Facts

"We have super fast communication on slack. So that that's also great. So yeah, II really see you guys as like an extension of our company, our sales colleagues, our sales team. You always come up with like new initiatives and all that. So it's it's really like, I feel relieved that I don't have to care about this topic."
Leopold van Oosten
Founder @ Amsterdam Standard

About the partnership:

Boy o boy…are we proud of this one.

Let me kick this off with: this is the outcome of a super-super dialed-in partnership. Where both teams do whatever it takes to achieve as much success as possible. 

So, it’s an understatement to say that we enjoy this partnership and that we hope we have the opportunity to keep working together for years to come. 

Leo had never done any active business development before and wanted to scale their client base.

They had happy customers who referred new clients. But…as we all know, referrals and networking will only get you so far. It’ll be a enormous bottleneck in your growth goals and it’s an unreliable source of growth. 

You should see referrals as a nice bonus on top of the work that you generate yourself. 

We hit them at the right time. Sometimes all you need is a little…magic 🪄

Leo consumed one of our best value assets and it got him thinking.

In his eyes – we were/are in the worst economic years of the past 22 years of him being an entrepreneur. 

So, standing still wasn’t an option at all. 

With the implementation of our acquisition systems, SDR process and the right sales assets, we were able to generate a deal that will bring over €1 million in revenue. 

Words don’t really do this success story justice, so I’d invite you to watch the video above.

Cheers to more growth and success! 🥂


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