$139K in deals closed in less than 90 days and being in control of growth for the first time in 10 years.

Whilst closing deals with a $2 billion company, scheduling calls with the biggest construction and rental companies of the Netherlands, filling a year's worth of development capacity and building out a SaaS tool for recurring revenue & a higher company valuation!

Project Facts

"In collaboration with you, we have a grip on what we can expect, we know how many leads there are and the conversion rates of those. This gives so much more insight into our growth and, for example, personnel planning. And therefore also strategically building your company, giving certainty in sales, that is the biggest turning point for us. And the biggest surprise is that it just works...that there are results. And that's no longer a given these days."
Rick van de Kamp
Founder @ Index Software

About the partnership:

The founders of Index discovered that selling custom software without concrete needs is very difficult. After several failed attempts to gain control over growth, they contacted us. 

You’ll find a nice collection of results, experiences and more on this page 🚀


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