From Struggle to Success: How We Helped Software Dev Company ThinkNimble Book 33 Meetings in 11 Days

Whilst booking a minimum of 3 calls a day in a saturated SaaS Niche on a 5% meeting booked rate ensuring ThinkNimble gets in touch with their ideal clients on a daily basis.

Project Facts

About the partnership:

You want to know what Marcy said? Get us new business opportunities and reduce the need for founder-led sales. Gotcha! 🫡 Alright, she definitely said it in a nicer way. They are great people to work with and our entire team is loving the partnership.

When we kicked off our partnership we had a couple of challenges to crack…a few of them being: they engaged in ‘lead-gen’ activities before but had difficulties to reach their target audience, Neil (their CEO) was fully responsible for the entire sales process and how do we successfully validate our value proposition with a cold audience?

We changed strategies twice before officially launching the first campaigns. Which everyone doubted (duh), but we were certain of what we had in mind. To overcome the burdens of not having a validated offer that will get you in control of new business, we wanted to get more insights into how what is actually going in within the (already oversold to) SaaS market.

So, fast forward 11 days after launching these campaigns and we booked 33 new opportunities with SaaS founders (32 online and one in person, which was a great fit) We’re rolling out new campaigns frequently and are currently running a bigger campaign to get sign-ups for a webinar they are running.

New opportunity creation: ✅- fixed and we have a steady baseline. Right now we’re transitioning into taking the business to a new level by doing 1-1 CEO strategy sessions with the founders, we’ll be designing a new sales process so that we can eliminate founder-led sales and we want to create a healthier business by optimizing their offer, increase prices, collect better cases and most importantly: build a beautiful relationship.


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