How ‘two youngsters’ helped us to build a better business and lay the foundations for the long-term

Whilst generating 5 sales opportunities in 7 days, dailing in the value proposition in 6 weeks and scheduling calls with 9.200 employee organisations...

Project Facts

You really got is in believing in your enthusiasm and the whole program you work with. It stood out and made sure we actually wanted to work with you guys and up until today I don't regret it. I'm actually really, really happy that we are working with you guys.
Bas Lemmens
Founder @ Voormedia

About the partnership:

How ‘two youngsters’ helped us to build a better business and lay the foundations for the long-term

Let me kick this one off with a personal statement.

We like writing these as it forces us to think about how all of the ‘small’ steps we implement can have a tremendous impact. The things we do are super normal for us, because we’re deeply immersed in it, every single day.

But when we successfully help our partners get closer to their goals, help them break their old beliefs, show them what’s possible and transform them and their business…

That’s when our euphoria kicks in. Super proud of the team.

Alright, onto the case.

To begin with, Bas & Rolf are great guys to work with. Super receptive, value our advice and feedback, take it to heart and do something with it.

And it’s a pattern we’ve seen in winning partners.

When we first came in contact with Bas, we quickly identified their biggest challenges. Which, surprise surprise, were identical to 90% of the software development businesses we speak to.

No validated value proposition, no insights into who their best customers are and overall no form of product market fit.
Instability, pressure and insecurity in the business due to being fully reliant on new business coming from existing customers and referrals.
No processes in place to generate and convert new sales opportunities.
The founder is solely responsible for the entire sales process.
There are more, but lastly: how on earth are we going to turn around? Was one of the big thoughts they had.

We all acknowledged that we had to lay the foundations for the long-term and not rush into doing ‘lead-generation’, as a lot of companies would.

Their only focus and measure of success is the amount of meetings they book.

Not the long-term success of the business they are building.

We pinpointed a few markets based on their existing case studies and launched our unique interview strategy.

And boy oh boy, it was a success. Bas’ calendar was packed the first week after he came back from holiday. He had 33 meetings booked for the weeks after he came back.

These meetings will help us build a unique value proposition that aligns with what the market needs. It will help achieve product market fit. And it generates sales opportunities.

From the first batch of 18 interviews, 5 sales opportunities were created, and 6 will be nurtured over the coming months because they’re a good fit but don’t have a need right now. The remaining 7 have great insights to build out the value proposition but were not qualified to work with.

We’re nearing completion with aligning their offer with their market and then our main focus is going to be converting as many prospects as possible.

We can nearly put an end to the insecurity around not speaking to new qualified prospects. They have a crystal clear picture of who their ideal, most profitable and best-performing clients are. And some solid foundations have been laid.

Fair to say we’ve crushed the goals that we had set for the first 8 weeks.

As of now we’re mapping out their new sales process and creating their value stack to increase their pricing.

The next chapter? Validating and scaling our efforts by running more ‘lead-gen’ campaigns, creating valuable content, refining the sales process and collecting nice sums of cash.


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