The Exact Process We Used To Help A Client Increase Their Pricing by 40%, Whilst Booking 29 Meetings & Generating a €300k Opportunity in 30 Days

Project Facts

About the partnership:

We signed an NDA to keep information confidential:

We like to be transparent and keep things real, so a brief introduction on how this partnership started.

The CEO of this partner and I first spoke roughly a year ago, he then took the route of trying ‘this’ on its own and added an extra sales employee to the business. 

I’ve put this in brackets because this outlines a very big process.

Let me sum up what this entails: 

Reworking the value proposition, collecting case studies (the right way), developing sales assets, collecting and validating data, writing emails, ensuring good deliverability, converting replies into meetings, ensuring people show-up and are educated, sales process design, discovery call frameworks, sales deck & value stack creation, sales call reviews…

The list goes on. And he found out the hard way that realizing growth isn’t an easy and quick process. 

Fast forward to later during the year. After 6 months he and his sales guy parted ways, and he was even further away from hitting their goals. 

Money was wasted, time was wasted and more importantly, growth potential was wasted.

He reached back out and we kickstarted our conversation again.

We partnered up and got rolling quickly. 

He had a defined market, but the definition was based on assumptions. So we kicked off with ensuring his value proposition was in line with the market wants and needs. 

Through our Value Stack Method we helped him increase his prices by 40% ‘overnight’. The changes in price were implemented overnight, but this was only possible due to the solid foundations and the realized improved positioning.

We kicked off with an interview campaign that booked 29 meetings in the span of 30 days. So that was a successful launch to say the least. 

Those calls had both loads of insights for offer development, but also converted into sales opportunities, one of them being a prospect that could have an LTV of approx. €300k in total.

Side note: due to other reasons we had to part ways and are currently not working together anymore.


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