Wins Of Our Team

Work hard, play hard right? We're big on acknowledging and celebrating wins, we're end responsible for enjoying the journey, aren't we?​

Nothing beats a team that expresses appreciation to each other 😎

A Small Tour of Our Headquarters #Blynked #Office

New Blynked Team Headquarters 🚀

Usual Day Of Our Team Putting In The Work #learning #development 🚀

Mastermind Event: London 2023 🎯

Mastermind Event: Mykonos 2023 🚀

Martijn and Sven doing their daily Booked Call - Dance 🥳

Celebrating huge €500.000 & €180.000 wins from our clients! 🥳

Kicking off the week with some wins during the team meeting! 🫡

Celebrating client wins with the team! 🤩

Team Blynked On The Slopes ⛷
(Luckily we are better at running campaigns and sales) 🔥

More wins coming...

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